Friday, August 8, 2014

Earrings Ouran

Recently I played around with peyote stitch plus some 8mm "round" beads a week ago that I purchased.

About 50% this past year I then covered round glass beads, and created a few earrings with round peyote stitch.
The beads a week ago I acquired are not really round, however they really are a small level on each aspect of the pit, which offered me a bit of the dilemma...

I applied exactly the same routine I did so half of a year before. What I did so subsequently was then and to create two independent halves of round peyote stitch joined them together. Nevertheless, after I attempted to complete the same on these types that are wooden, it did not really work-out. To begin with; the round peyote stitch's bits were not also large and would not and so I needed to include yet another strip to every one of the groups address the one.
Well, they installed round the bead their type was not really rounded nowadays. Alternatively they wound up looking like cushions.

I kinda wound up loving the form of those small adorable cushions and went through using the strategy of creating a set of earrings even when I did not get completely what I needed.

The drops I applied are 11/0 seed drops by Toho Swarovski bicones, to provide even more form to the earrings instead of a set small "cushion" hanging the hearing idea along.

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